4 Ways Technology Improves Your Business

4 Ways Technology Improves Your Business

If there is one thing that you cannot live without in your business, it’s technology. Yes, there was once a time we could go without it, but those years have passed as we’ve advanced, and it’s time that your business kept up with the times, too. There is plenty of software available on the market today that will help your business to thrive, and you need to figure out what will work for your business to keep it ahead of the competition.

Whether you invest in technology to help your business IT to work smoothly, or you choose to start using blockchain technology in your business to invest more money, technology has to be a priority for your business. It’s worth the effort to keep up with the changes in technology and work out if these changes would be beneficial to your business. With this in mind, we’ve got four ways technology helps to improve your business.


Improving employee communication.

If there has been one lesson that the pandemic has taught us, it’s that technology is imperative to the communication channels you have with your staff. Technology and apps are able to facilitate easier, stronger communication routes between you and your staff, which allows you to check-in and ensure that everyone is working productively.

Technology also allows for collaborative apps to ensure that you and your staff are able to have the best possible relationship and share documentation – a necessity in today’s busy world!


Managing projects.

Your technology needs to be funnelled toward managing your business projects. You can do this simply and efficiently, and business owners will be able to use new software to track progress, manage resources and take as much advantage as possible of proofing tools. You can read and analyze data and make sure that it remains useful in minutes.


Better, more secure data.

Technology allows you to make sure that your business is more secure. Cybersecurity is a big issue for businesses, but with the right technology, you can ensure that your business remains as secure as possible.

You want to avoid any severe financial losses for your business, and the right security is going to help you to do that. Not only financially, but all the data from your company, from clients to products should be kept safe, and it is always good to have a backup plan and keeping data safe guide. Your IT team should be able to keep on top of this, but it pays to be aware of the software that your business has for security purposes.


Improving customer service.

Technology is going to help you to play a big part in improving your customer service policies, as customer service can be managed with automation and live chatbots. Without these, you will find directing your marketing campaigns far harder than it should be!


Without the right technology, your business is not going to be as effective as it should be. You should consider ensuring that your business has the right technology before you get started, as this will help you on your way. Managing your business is so much easier when you have the correct technology support on your side.


5 Big Mistakes to Avoid On Your Wedding Day

5 Big Mistakes to Avoid On Your Wedding Day

Wedding mistakes are all too familiar. But you and your partner can make a pact and prepare to avoid them by reading and taking on board the wedding day tips below.


A Pre-wedding Party

No matter how much your friends tempt you to drink and party the night before you get married, don’t do it! Otherwise, you’ll feel awful, and those precious wedding day moments will slip through your fingers as the day goes by in a haze. 

Instead, ask your maid of honor to arrange your bachelorette party weeks in advance of your wedding. That way, you will have enough time to recover before the ceremony.



Skimping On Eating

Whether forgetting to eat or losing your appetite because of nausea from the nerves and butterflies. Eating something despite the way you’re feeling is essential. And so, make a plan to start your day with a nutritious breakfast, and don’t forget to take time out to sit down and indulge in lunch and dinner too.

Food will give you the energy you’ll need throughout the day to stabilize your mood and blood sugar to ensure you don’t feel faint and worse for wear on one of the most meaningful days of your life.



Not Spending Enough Time With Your New Spouse

With so many guests to say hi and thank you too, it’s easy to lose time spent away from the one person the entire ceremony was for – your other half. 

Take moments when you can to chat and hold hands with your new husband or wife, greet people together, and dance together a lot when the wedding party starts.



Forgetting To Arrange A Photographer

Apart from your memories of the day, you’ll undoubtedly want lots of beautiful wedding photos to look back on, to capture the moments you did and didn’t see. 

Missing out on photo-taking opportunities is often a mistake lots of brides and grooms regret. With many wishing, they had more videos or photos taken of the day. 

Hire a videographer, or ask family and friends if they would mind taking lots of pictures and send them to you, as a wedding gift to you both. 



Making Beauty Choices On your Big Day

Whether you’re booking a professional to beautify your hair and do your makeup, asking a friend, or choosing to do it all on your own. One crucial mistake to avoid is not to leave this decision until your wedding day.

It may take time and a bit of experimenting before the big day to decide what hairstyle and makeup work well with your look and the dress you’ve chosen.  

Booking appointments before your wedding or practicing at home will help you test out looks before finding something that will mean you feel your best on your wedding day.


Each wedding day is prone to its hiccups.

By being mindful of the most important mistakes to avoid, you can better prepare for your wedding day and to make sure you have an excellent day.


Christmas Gift Lists: Gadgets and Tech 2020

Christmas Gift Lists: Gadgets and Tech 2020



Mini Karaoke Microphone by Kikkerland

We all have that friend that is a singer and love karaoke, even if they are an App sensation (guilty!!).

Here is one of the best and cute gifts: your very own mic that connects to your iphone via jack 3.5, and even has a connection for your earphones. The sound is actually pretty amazing. It brings an App for you to try and sing your heart out.

Get your Mini Karaoke Microphone




BOMAKER 2.1 HDMI ARC 32 Inch Soundbar with Subwoofer, 190W, Enhanced Bass Adjustment, 6 EQ with Game Mode, HDMI, Optical, AUX, USB. Watch the review here.

Get your Bomaker on Amazon






Teclast P20HD Tablet

Teclast P20HD SC9863A Octa Core 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 10.1″ 1920*1200 Dual 4G LTE Android 10 Tablet. Watch review here.

Get your Tablet on Amazon



XIAOMI IMILAB A1 Security Camera

IMILAB Home Security Camera A1 1296P FHD Video WiFi IP Cam Infrared Night Vision Human Detection Baby Crying Camera with Free Cloud Storage. Watch the review here.

Get your Xiaomi Imilab A1 at Amazon



Umidigi A7 Smartphone on a Budget

One of the new smartphones on a budget and has a lot of cool features as well as making practically anything on a budget. Watch the review here.

Get your Umidigi A7




TV Box

Everyone nowadays knows that having a TV box at home is one of the best buys. Especially if you don’t have a smart tv or don’t get too much reception from your provider but have a good internet connection. There are dozens of good TV boxes out there but for any doubts watch Ryan’s channel to choose the one that suits you.

Choose your TV box at Amazon





Rechargeable Clip Book Light Black by Kikkerland

Every bookworm needs one. This clip light is attached to the end of the book and will let (your partner) sleep while you wander away in your book. Great also for traveling, camping, etc. Great news: it’s rechargeable!

Get your Rechargeable Clip Book Light



Power Banks


Mirror Power Bank by Kikkerland

This 2in1 compact mirror and power bank will be your best friend. It’s a 2000 mAh power bank but will help you out when you need most, if not on charging your mobile, maybe to retouch your makeup.

Get your Mirror Power Bank



Toys and Games: Christmas Gift List

Toys and Games: Christmas Gift List



Wall Racer Christmas Gift List car

Wall Racer / Tank Racer
The Wall Racer is a gravity defying sports car that will turn the walls and ceilings into a new playground. By incorporating suction with the fun of a remote control car, the Wall Racer is able to climb walls and race across ceilings.

It has two bright LED headlights to light the way, ideal for night time driving, and is available in 3 great colour combinations. The cars charge directly from the remote and are available on a tri band frequency so you can race 3 cars at once and with a flick of a switch, can change from wall to floor driving. The whole room can now become your race track.

The wall racer has another new version – the Tank Racer.

Get your Wall Racer at Buzz Retail





Thunder Glow Drone


Thunder Glow Drone
The Thunder Glow is a medium size Drone with LED lights all around it. Including 6 axis gyro stabilizer, long range 2.4 GHz control, low/medium/high speeds and an automatic trim function. Includes: back to home and headless mode.

The Thunder Glow is the newest addition to our radio-controlled range and are proving to be a lively and popular choice for both indoor and outdoor fun.

Get your Thunder Glow Drone at Buzz Retail





Stomp Rocket STEM


Stomp Rocket
Inspire the next generation of engineers and astronauts and keep kids active and screen-free with Stomp Rocket®, a great range of fun and STEM-inspired toys & games from TKC Sales. All products are portable, fast, easy to assemble, with no batteries required.

Stomp Rocket is 100% KID powered: Run, jump and STOMP to launch these rockets up to 400 feet in the air — that’s longer than a football field, including the end zones! Pair with Stomp Rocket Science book and get kids interested in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) early.

Get your Stomp Rocket at Amazon







One of the best sellers of Buzz Retail. The new hit that every kid wants, both for boys and for girls. There is no need to take your shoes off, simply place your shoe inside and start sliding.

You can use it for indoor and outdoor activities. Much faster than going by foot! The only 2 wheels skates that comes with a shock-absorbing silicone wheels. Available in 2 colours: black and pink.

Get your Skates at Buzz Retail







A new hit from the Buzz Retail range. A floating ball that can be played at any surface: wooden floor, laminate, marble or even a thin carpet.

The ball creates an air bubble underneath it so it’s actually hovering over the ground. A fun toy for all the family together without breaking all the house!!!

Get your Air-Ball at Buzz Retail





Puzzle Cars

Puzzle Cars

This wonderful Puzzle Vehicle Track is a 16- piece set, combining creative and educational fun. All of the interchangeable track pieces can be linked together, to make up to 50 different track combinations.

Each set comes with either the recognizable red London bus or London Black Taxi, detailing all the favorite tourist destinations in London.

It’s also available as Fire Engine Puzzle or Train Puzzle. This is a fun way to develop problem-solving, motor, and language skills.

Get your Puzzle Cars at Buzz Retail




Nirvana Nevermind Cover Puzzle

For that Nirvana Fan or not! Zee Productions turns classic music album artwork into puzzles with Rock Saws.

The new range of 500 and 1000 piece puzzles features official album artwork from late 20th century music icons including David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, The Clash, Nirvana, AC/DC, and Pink Floyd.

Get your Zee Productions Puzzle online



Arts and Crafts

Buzzing Stickers

Buzzing Stickers

Create over 180 3D holographic and metallic stickers. Pick a foam sticker shape from the 180 foam stickers in the box and rub on the colourful foil decoration to make the most amazing holographic stickers imaginable.

The stickers are easy to design with the 180 foam stickers, 3 stencils, over 50 holographic and metallic sheets provided in the kit. Create and collect your own amazing masterpieces.

Get your Buzzing Stickers at Buzz Retail



Buzz Magic Snow

Buzz Magic Snow

This is a polymer powder that when hydrated it looks and feels just like Snow, except it never melts! Its eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for children and animals. It looks like sugar before it is hydrated and looks and feels like Snow after you have added water. It expands up to 100 times than its original size.

After two and a half weeks the snow will start to dehydrate and return back to its powder form, ready to be activated again. Use it in your Christmas table displays, shop window displays, around your X-mas tree, or to highlight a display out in the garden or fill the bath just for fun!

Get your Buzz Magic Snow at Buzz Retail



Marvin’s Magic – Treasured Tricks Wooden Magic Tricks Set

Presented in a durable wooden box for easy storage for your performances. An ideal introductory set to the wonderful world of magic for children aged 6 plus. Includes the incredible escaping coloured block, the vanishing rabbit illusion, the amazing rising card, and much much more. Fabulous for building confidence & essential developmental skills. Also comes with every Magician’s essential tool – a wand!

The set includes all props and comprehensive easy to follow instructions which will have you performing these wonderful tricks in no time. Magic is a perfect pastime for building confidence in children, allowing them to learn and perform key skills such as standing up and presenting to a group. Presented in an elegant and timeless birch finished box. This magic set can be kept as a cherished magic set for generations.

Get your Marvin’s Magic Wooden set at Amazon




Board Games


MASKARADE  game from Kikkerland

Charades has finally met its marker. Face up to a new challenge with the game that’s sure to make an expression. Maskarades is the exciting new game that lets you blindly go where no other game has gone before. Pick a card, put on the dry-erase mask, draw a face, and get into character – don’t forget your lines!

You don’t have to be a creative genius to score big in this game. Fantastically fun for the whole family and ideal for all ages, Maskarades is the perfect match for any party. (Artistic ability not included.)

Get your Maskarade game




If you haven’t seen this TV Show, you are missing a good fun hour of laughs. Now you have the most ludicrous (and not so) tasks and become the Taskmaster at home with family and friends. Included is the trophy of the Taskmaster’s head in gold!

Get the Taskmaster game



Desktop Table Tennis by Kikkerland

Have your own Table Tennis without spending much and payable anywhere (as long as you can use the suction cups).

Super cute and nice gift for that friend that is an athlete or… wants to be.

Brings the Net, suction cups, ball, and 2 paddles.

Get your Desktop Table Tennis Kit online



TOP TRUMPS: Minions, Sports Car and Pub Quiz

A classic game! Why? It’s fun to play, it’s valuable from a collector’s point of view (it actually sells really well, so keep yours and buy new ones….you never know!).

Pub Quiz is a new set from the Top Trumps Quiz. Featuring 500 questions on 5 different categories: Sports, Music, Film and TV, Science and General Knowledge. With cards on every subject from Art, Animals, Adverts and Acronyms, to Toys, Transport, Technology, and Theme Tunes, with Decades, Food and Drink, and even Weather covered along the way, there’s something to test the brains of all ages and interests. Deal 5 cards each, ask the first question and see if your opponent gets it right or not. It’s the first to win 3 pairs, but then comes the Top Trumps Twist!

Sports Cars Top Trump: Learn about the biggest and fastest road legends of all time: from the stylish NSX and the brutal F40, to the glamorous Veyron and the ground breaking Huayra, they are all in this Sports Cars edition of Top Trumps.

Minions Top Trump: Join The Minions on their greatest adventure so far! Travelling through the greatest eras in history, The Minions serve the ferocious T-Rex, the great Egyptian Pharaoh and the forces of Napoleon in hopes to be their evil master! Through tragedy and triumph, 3 courageous Minions; Kevin, Bob and Stuart step forward and lead The Minion tribe to their new Evil Master!



8 Ball Drinking Game by Kikkerland

It will be a real party with this 8-Ball drinking game! Spin the ball for a challenge. There are 20 different challenges and if you don’t take up the challenge, take a sip of your drink. Who dares to take on these challenges?

Get it on Kikkerland



Big Night Out Drinking Game by Kikkerland

A perfect game for home. A truth or dare kind of drinking game. Played with 3 to 6 players. The object of the game is to finish in the VIP area.

Get it on Kikkerland





Halibit Baby Orchestra

Halilit My First Baby Band

The perfect introduction to early years music making!
Shake, rattle and roll with this perfect first baby band! Excite your baby’s senses with this colourful and high quality set of musical toys, including a maraca, fun textured rattle, egg shaker, cage bell and tube shaker.

Perfect for little hands to hold and shake, this set is great for an early introduction to making music. The instruments included help to strengthen baby’s motor skills, as well as enhancing their creativity, self-expression, listening and communication skills.

Get your Baby Band set on Amazon




Book List for October #LockdownReadingList

Book List for October #LockdownReadingList

We will continue to Update this list this month.


Here is what we have been reading at Home:

In English, Português y Español!


Em Português:




Quem é Amado Nunca Morre

de Victoria Hislop, publicado pela Porto Editora


Atenas, abril de 1941. Tendo resistido a uma primeira tentativa de invasão, a Grécia é ocupada pelas potências do Eixo. Após décadas de incerteza, o país encontra-se dividido entre a direita e a esquerda políticas.

Themis, então com quinze anos, vem de uma família separada por essas diferenças ideológicas. A ocupação nazi não só aprofunda a discórdia entre aqueles que a rapariga ama, como reduz a Grécia à miséria. É impossível ficar indiferente: na fome que se seguiu à ocupação, e que lhe levou os amigos, os atos de resistência são quase um imperativo moral para ela.

Porém, com o fim da ocupação, advém a guerra civil. Themis junta-se ao exército comunista, onde experimenta os extremos do amor e do ódio. Quando por fim é presa nas ilhas do exílio, encontra outra mulher cuja vida se entrelaçará com a sua de maneiras que nenhuma delas poderia antecipar, e descobre que deve pesar os seus princípios contra o desejo de viver.

Conseguir este livro na Wook




Sem saída

de Cara Hunter, publicado pela Porto Editora


Este é um dos casos mais perturbadores em que o Inspetor Fawley já trabalhou.
São férias de Natal e duas crianças acabam de ser retiradas dos destroços de uma casa em chamas no norte de Oxford. O bebé está morto e irmão foi transportado para o hospital onde luta pela vida. Como é que duas crianças tão pequenas são deixadas sozinhas em casa? Onde está a mãe? E porque é que o pai não atende o telefone?
Quando novas provas são descobertas, o pior pesadelo de DI Fawley torna-se realidade. Porque este incêndio não foi um acidente.
E o assassino ainda anda lá fora.

Conseguir este livro na Wook




Robin Hood: Hackers, Golpes e Flechas em Chamas

de Robert Muchamore, publicado pela Porto Editora


Polícias corruptos acusam um pirata informático de um crime que ele não cometeu. Apesar de inocente, o homem é preso, e, no mesmo dia, o filho foge para a perigosa floresta de Sherwood.
Muitos dirão que o rapaz não resistirá mais do que uma semana… Mas não imaginas os truques que o pai lhe ensinou, nem as dicas de luta que aprendeu no YouTube…
E o seu nome é Robin Hood.
O novo bestseller pelo autor preferido dos jovens leitores portugueses.

Conseguir este livro na Wook




A Aniversariante

de Anders Roslund, publicado pela Porto Editora


Atrás de uma porta fechada, há um bolo de aniversário com cinco velas. E uma criança num vestido vermelho que canta sem parar: Parabéns a você, antecipando uma celebração… que nunca chegará a acontecer.
Passaram-se entretanto dezassete anos.

O superintendente Ewert Grens, agora à beira da reforma, é chamado novamente ao local de um crime atroz que ainda lhe assombra os sonhos. No decurso desta nova investigação, Grens percebe que deixou escapar algo da primeira vez e suspeita de que alguém regressou com o objetivo de silenciar a única testemunha sobrevivente.
Enquanto isso, há quem tente por todos os meios recrutar os serviços pouco convencionais de Piet Hoffmann, ex-informador da polícia.

No entanto, a recusa de Hoffmann em vestir de novo a pele de vilão coloca toda a sua família em grande perigo. Tentando perceber quem está por detrás de um plano maquiavélico para literalmente fazer implodir o submundo do crime na Suécia, Hoffmann alia-se a Grens. Ao longo de três vertiginosos dias, os dois terão de salvar mais do que um inocente, numa corrida trepidante contra o tempo.

Conseguir este livro na Wook



Um castelo em Ipanema

de Martha Batalha, publicado pela Porto Editora


Rio de Janeiro, 1968.
Estela, recém-casada, mancha com lágrimas e rímel a fronha bordada do seu travesseiro. Uma semana antes ela estava na festa de passagem de ano que marcaria de modo irremediável o seu casamento. Estela sabia decorar uma casa, receber convidados e preparar banquetes, mas não estava preparada para o que aconteceu nesse dia. Setenta anos antes, Johan Edward Jansson conhece Brigitta também durante uma festa de passagem de ano, em Estocolmo. Casam-se, mudam-se para o Rio de Janeiro e constroem um castelo num lugar ermo e distante do centro, chamado Ipanema.

Em Um Castelo em Ipanema, Martha Batalha conta-nos como essas duas festas de Ano Novo definem a trajetória dos Jansson ao longo de 110 anos. É uma saga familiar imersa em história, construída com humor, ironia e sensibilidade. A riqueza e a complexidade dos múltiplos personagens criados pela autora permitem tratar de temas que se entrelaçam e definiram a sociedade brasileira nas últimas décadas, como o sonho da ascensão social, os ideais femininos e feministas, a revolução sexual, a reação ao golpe militar, a divisão de classes, a deterioração do país.

Um romance comovente sobre escolhas e arrependimentos, sobre a matéria granular da memória e as mudanças impercetíveis e irremediáveis do tempo.

Conseguir este livro na Wook



O Físico Prodigioso

de Jorge de Sena, publicado pela Porto Editora


Foi ao recordar dois episódios do Orto do Esposo, obra moralística portuguesa do início do século xv, que Jorge de Sena se viu tentado a cruzar duas das suas personagens: um físico, médico-bruxo, que sangra o seu corpo para curar os males de outros, e o endemoninhado que sobrevive à vertigem da morte no cadafalso.

Contudo, em O Físico Prodigioso entrelaçam-se muito mais que duas narrações medievais. Nele desenrola-se uma história ungida pelo erotismo e pelos desejos da carne, ainda que epítomes da sagração da liberdade e do amor.

Uma novela, como gostava de a apelidar o autor, publicada inicialmente na coletânea Novas Andanças com o Demónio (1966), que viria a ser reeditada individualmente, em 1977.

Conseguir este livro na Wook



Viagens na Minha Terra

de Almeida Garrett, publicado pela Porto Editora


Esta é a odisseia que Almeida Garrett fez pelas terras do seu país. Aí visitou as ruas e os cafés, as igrejas e os túmulos, ouvindo pelo caminho uma história de amor em tempos de guerra, vivida por Carlos, que luta pelos liberais, e sua prima, Joaninha, a menina dos rouxinóis.

Neste impressionante relato sem igual na história da literatura portuguesa, o autor não deixa dúvida sobre os seus intentos: «protesto que de quanto vir e ouvir, de quanto eu pensar e sentir se há-de fazer crónica». Quanto tempo permeia então uma ida de Lisboa a Santarém? Quanto tempo baste para se percorrer uma e outra vez as Viagens na Minha Terra.

Publicado em volume em 1846, com este texto Almeida Garrett desenhou não só uma deambulação entre as duas cidades portuguesas, mas pelo Portugal dos homens e das ideias do século XIX.

Conseguir este livro na Wook



Primeiros Socorros Pediátricos

de José Coentrão, publicado pela Porto Editora


As crianças, pela sua vivacidade, curiosidade e espontaneidade, são muito suscetíveis a acidentes. E estes acontecem quando menos esperamos.
Sabe como reagir se presenciar uma convulsão febril? Sabe quais são as prioridades nos primeiros socorros à criança com queimaduras? E se a criança se engasgar? Sabe como intervir da forma mais correta?
Objetivo e prático, este livro reúne a informação necessária, para que possa prestar os melhores primeiros socorros nos principais incidentes que afetam as crianças: traumatismos, envenenamento, reação alérgica grave, hemorragias, desmaios, picadas, etc. Inclui também um capítulo sobre a COVID-19 – formas de transmissão, sintomas, boas práticas e mitos!
A prevenção não consiste apenas em evitar o acidente, mas também na procura de conhecimentos adequados para que nada falhe quando mais se precisa. Por isso, aprenda! Aprenda para que nunca seja preciso, mas na certeza de que estará preparado caso aconteça.
O livro obrigatório para todos os cuidadores de bebés e crianças – pais, avós, profissionais de educação, e não só!

Conseguir este livro na Wook



En Español


La Voz y la Espada

por Vic Echegoyen



Julia d’Aubigny, huérfana de madre, crecerá junto a su padre, quien encandila y educa a la niña a la sombra de su espada. Y, junto a las tareas domésticas, las letras y el arte musical, Julia aprenderá a esgrimir esa espada. Amante precoz del hombre más poderoso de la corte del rey Sol, será también Chiripa, niña prodigio de la esgrima; Giulio Aubini, castrato en busca y captura por rapto, incendio y profanación de tumbas; mademoiselle de Maupin, primera contralto de la historia de la ópera, travesti y bisexual, musa de compositores y poetas y amante de príncipes, monjas, generales y bandidos…

Ambientada en París durante el reinado de Luis XIV, Bruselas y Madrid, La voz y la espada nos narra la historia de una mujer fascinante que rompió los tabúes morales y las apariencias de la sociedad de su tiempo; una mujer capaz de matar, incendiar y traicionar, pero también de sacrificarse por amor. Vic Echegoyen nos presenta, pues, un relato histórico de aventuras en el que se entrecruzan el romance, la intriga y la pasión, además de documentado, y nos regala una novela de un nivel épico pocas veces alcanzado.

Alejandra: Uno de mis libros favoritos lleno de action, seduccion y muchas lios de una feminista nacida en una epoca machista. Brillante!

Consiguela en Amazon



In English



Back To The Future (Pop Classics)

from Kim Smith


The biggest movie of 1985 is now the wildest and wackiest picture book of 2018! Even 30 years after its theatrical debut, BACK TO THE FUTURE is a perennial favorite in classrooms and family movie nights across the country. This picture book by Kim Smith captures all the classic moments of the film.

We’ll follow teenage Marty McFly as he travels from 1985 to 1955, meets his parents (as teenagers), and teaches his father how to stand up to bullies. Complete with a time-traveling DeLorean, a crazy mad scientist companion, and a lightning-fueled finale!

Get this book on Amazon



Curse of the Dead-Eyed Doll

by Thomas Kingsley Troupe, published by Flux Jolly Fish Press (Horror)


Alejandro Padilla isn’t superstitious and he doesn’t believe the stories that an old sailor doll in a Key West, Florida, museum is haunted. Robert the Doll might look creepy, but that doesn’t mean the doll is cursed. So Al ignores the tour guide’s warning to ask Robert’s permission before taking the doll’s photograph. But it isn’t long after Al’s field trip to the museum that strange things start happening. Al is quick to dismiss the odd occurrences as coincidence and bad luck . . . that is until they become more frequent and more sinister. Is the doll tormenting Al? And if so, what will Al have to do to get him to stop?

Every state has its own spine-tingling stories of ghosts and mysterious hauntings grounded in its regional history. The Haunted States of America series uses real-life ghost lore as jumping-off points to new, chilling tales. An author’s note provides historical origins and fascinating facts, but beware: sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.

Get this book on Amazon



American Royals

by Katharine McGee, published by Penguin Random House


Crazy Rich Asians meets The Crown in this completely addictive modern-day royal romance.

The Washingtons have ruled America for almost 250 years.

They’re gorgeous, fiercely famous and the beating heart of the most glorious royal court in the world.

But behind the glittering ballrooms, elegant gowns, and seemingly perfect public personas lie forbidden romances and scandalous secrets. Together four young women will navigate gossip, drama, and the eyes of the world upon them.

There’s everything to play for – but there can only be one queen.

This is the story of the most famous family in the world.

This is the story of the American royals.

Get this book on Amazon




by Malorie Blackman, published by Penguin Random House


Years have passed since the love between Sephy – a Cross – and Callum – a Nought – destroyed their world and changed their families and society forever.

Society appears to be very different now. For the first time ever, a Nought Prime Minister – Tobey Durbridge – is in power. Race and class don’t divide people anymore. But things are never really that easy.

Because Tobey’s just been framed for murder, and the only way to free himself is to turn to his oldest friend – Callie-Rose.

Their families divisions run deep, and when two young people are kidnapped, their lives and everything they’ve fought for are put in the firing line.

And when you’re playing a game as dangerous as this one, it won’t be long before someone gets caught in the crossfire…

Crossfire is the long-awaited new novel in legendary author Malorie Blackman’s ground-breaking Noughts & Crosses series.

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How It Was: 

the immersive, compelling new novel from the author of The Butcher’s Hook
by Janet Ellis, published by John Murray Press


Marion Deacon sits by the hospital bed of her dying husband, Michael. Outwardly she is, as she says, an unremarkable old woman. She has long concealed her history – and her feelings – from the casual observer. But as she sits by Michael’s bed, she’s haunted by memories from almost forty years ago . . .

Marion Deacon is a wife and mother, and not particularly good at being either. It’s the 1970s and in her small village the Swinging 60s, the wave of feminism, the prospect of an exciting life, have all swerved past her. Reading her teenage daughter’s diary, it seems that Sarah is on the threshold of getting everything her mother Marion was denied, and Marion cannot bear it – what she does next has terrible and heart-breaking consequences for the whole family.

Janet Ellis writes of the exquisite pain of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, the complexity of family and a mother-daughter relationship that is as memorable as it is utterly believable.

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Watching Live Theatre at Home: Is it a Safe Space?

Watching Live Theatre at Home: Is it a Safe Space?

First of all: we need to reflect on how the COVID-19 changed our society and our normality, and then pick up all pros and cons and then transform it to our New Normal. And it’s here that I have to say, the Arts and Culture lost a lot during the pandemic, and new ways were needed to support Theatres and Museums, and Artists of all the art sections.

The Culture around the world suffered a lot when the doors closed and the public couldn’t see it, and also with the percentage of people in Layoffs and Furloughs, or even fired, some stopped having the power to spend for the next months, and this will reflect in the economy, and therefore Arts and Culture will be one of the places people will cut first, unfortunately.

But then, directors and actors around the world had to rearrange their priorities and start new things, which for me was a fresh air of something me and my family do often: either go to the cinema or go to the theatre – was starting to do things online.

Grabbing the social media, and whatever resources they had, and use them for the sake of the Arts.

I Applaud to this!

That’s when, in the comfort of my own home (UK) I’ve seen a live-action theatre from Denmark, in English. From Denmark!


The Idea

The idea is for you to go to the theatre website, buy your ticket, with a discount, then you will receive your confirmation on your email and a Zoom link, where on the day and time you will click on the link to see the theatre piece.

Easy right? Strange nevertheless, but hey, it’s new times. And better that than nothing at all.



About Safe Space

Safe Space is a DigiDrama (digital drama) from the Future V Theatre, and tells the story about a 23 year old girl called Ene (Filippa Suenson), that is making a zoom call and tells she received a suspicious package with a 3 leaf clover and a Usb pen with a baby cry inside.

Ene talks in her regular livestream, where she quickly gets involved in a family drama when Alma (Lucia Vinde Dirschen), one of her viewers, admits to also having received an envelope. With a surprising twist in which we are joined, through a phone video call by Ene’s friend Luka (Mathias Bøgelund), we then meet all the characters and how they are connected. There is a moment of “Cluedo” but I cannot spoil this, but it was fun to see everyone.

With nothing more than 2 rooms, sound effects and monologues (kudos to “Ene” yelling to the screen that set Richie running away from the living room (“the lady was screaming at me on the TV mummy!”), we really enjoyed it and I missed theatre so much that this meant the world!

Script: Nanna Berner (Winner of Dramatic Debut 2020)

Co-writer and Director: Pelle Koppel

Cast: Fillipa Suenson, Lucia Vinde Dirchsen, Theresa Hedelund, Mathias Bøgelund, Mette Ahrenkiel.

Creative Producer: Emil H. Christiansen

Produced by: Teater V

Duration: approx. 55 minutes


Pros and Cons


  • No bar (private joke)
  • No human contact
  • Not getting out of home



  • the price of the Ticket is reduced
  • not getting out of the house (comfort from home)
  • theatres and actors continue to have a job
  • people at home (confinement or not) need something exciting. Mental health is real.


Our Thoughts:

We liked it….a lot! We liked it, I have recommended it to friends and family, and I do support this kind of innovative theatre, musical and/or ballet.

Safe Space was the first time I ever used Zoom for entertainment but is actually a good way to keep the economy moving.

I then decided to make a little interview with the Actors and with the Director, for a better understanding on how this project started and how the pandemic changed for them, as an individual and on their careers.



The Interview

Director: Pelle Koppel – PK

Actor Mathias Bøgelund (Luka) – MB

Actress Lucia Vinde Dirchsen (Alma) – LVD


Pelle Koppel

Pelle Koppel is the Director


The Director:

What was the biggest difficulty with working with the actors in the pandemic?

PK: The most difficult thing has been the fact that the actors could not be close to, or touch, each other. At the beginning of the rehearsals, they had to keep at least two meters distance, and later at least one meter. This was both when we rehearsed and acted physically together in the scenes in the story where there were several actors present in the same room. So I had to take this into account in my choices in the staging. This meant that I had to make some compromises in some places in the performance.


Why you decided to create the online theatre and will there be more pieces?

PK: I think that a great number of Danish theatres quickly began to make and show films, and post it online, for free, referring to it, as if it was “theatre” and “performances”. But it was not live and that makes the difference for me.

Also, the opportunity to start something new and in the long run create a new business model, as opposed to just giving it away for free! The theatre arises in the present between those who perform and the audiences who experience it. And a scene in the theatre cannot just be taken once again and cut together afterward. The actors must be able to remember their entire text, the technique can go down, things can “go wrong”. It is part of the excitement of the live experience itself and the live element that the possibility of ‘mistakes’ can occur – we do not know in advance. It’s a new journey, and a new common now, every time we act. Like in the “real and classic physical” theatre.

And yes; we would very much like to develop this new format further and make more performances, in the long run. I think there are really great opportunities to develop this. It caters both to the classical audience, but also to new audience groups who would not necessarily choose to go to the theatre physically – and that is also very exciting. We actually do audience development while finding new ways to explore the classical understanding of theatre.


What was the good and what was the bad thing taken from this experience, not only as a director but also financially?

PK: Interestingly, some of the limitations that classical physical theatre gives us do not exist in this new digital universe. The fact that we insist on the live aspect makes a big difference both to ourselves and to the audiences. This very element means that it is still experienced as being theater and gives us the opportunity to meet in a common “now” across cities, regions, countries, and continents. I see great potential in this. We are simply creating new communities – across borders and continents.


Regarding the piece: What did you base on to create the plot, the characters, and how to create the environment? I loved the fact that people can honestly think at one point that in the middle of the public there is a culprit… a bit of Cluedo for a second.

PK: The foundation of this innovation was the idea of taking the digital aspect into classical drama. Not just to transfer a classic theatrical text or set-up to a new medium, but instead to write a new story and create a new narrative – specially designed for the new format and new media, with the challenges and the gifts that the new format brings.

For example, I insisted that it was important that there was still room for some classic theater monologues throughout the narrative in the SAFE SPACE universe. My learning from this was that these monologues next time should probably be a bit shorter. They should still be there, I think, and the language may well still carry to be “meta” and mega theatrical, but it feels as if there is not quite room for several minutes of classic inner monologue text in this format. So it will probably be less in the future.

On the other hand, there are many not yet tried opportunities to integrate the audience more into the stories. For example, I am right now working on a story where the idea is for the audience to play some of the roles – One where the audience gets the opportunity to buy a role in the play. I think that is a super exciting idea to play with.


What will happen to the theatre, or in your case as the director, if the pandemic continues?

PK: Hopefully we will still have the opportunity to meet and perform just in smaller set-ups and with fewer audiences just like in Denmark today where we can perform but only with approx. 50% audience capacity. Otherwise, yes – then we must cultivate the new opportunities and create even more new stories in the new digital format, because we need the theatre’s and to meet in the present at experiencing new stories that we can mirror ourselves and our lives in – to keep evolving as human beings…




The Actors:

Was it easier or harder as an actor, to talk directly to the camera and know your lines, or it’s difficult as you can see people face? Meaning: did you had the ‘stage jitters” or decided that “it’s just one zoom call” type.

MB: Hmm, I would say that it was different than playing in front of an audience. The situation is still the same whether you play for someone behind the camera or in a room. You still have a dialogue. Stage jitters were actually mostly at the beginning of the playing period. Otherwise, I did not feel it so much. When you stand on a stage, you are “given” a nervousness that you can use as energy or nerve. Here you have to create it yourself. It can compare better to making movies or TV at that point.

LVD: I believe the digital drama is a whole new genre, which I had not experienced working with before this production. As an actor, it helped me to think of “Safe Space” as a piece of radio drama. Without a visible audience or a co-actor to engage with, it was the words and the text that helped me throughout the performance. I focused on the dialogue and the sound of my co-actors in my ears, and tried to imagine the webcam as the eyes of my colleagues.


When you read this script, where did you base your character? How was the learning procedure and how to create the environment?

MB: I very much base my character on what language is used. Luka, for example, has a different language than the others, which (perhaps) can tell you that he comes from a different social stratum in society. In addition, I have also had a lot of talks with Pelle [ed, the director], who has guided me. It’s about looking for clues that can tell something about the character. They may be in the language, the other characters’ descriptions of your character, or as in the play here, a monologue that tells a little about Luka’s childhood.

LVD: It was very similar to a traditional theatre production. There was a text rehearsal, rehearsals “on stage” and the usual collaboration between actors and the director. There were no major differences from what I am used to at the theatre. Other than we had to keep the physical distance between us in the room. That was a different and an interesting challenge. Not having the physical contact I am used to on stage. Not even in scenes where all of us were present.


As an actor do you see yourself doing this more, or prefer the stage as soon as possible?

MB: I could easily see myself doing something like DigiDrama in the future. I thought it was an exciting study and a fun mix between theatre and film. But it definitely requires some getting used to and you have to prepare for the fact that it is probably more like making films than actual theatre, where meeting the audiences is a big part of it.

LVD: I am very interested in every aspect of my work as an actor. Theatre, film, television, radio and now also digital drama. So, yes, I can easily see myself doing more of this work. It has been something totally new and a great experience.


Because we are living different times, making a piece like this was one worthy solution instead of not having a job at all?

LVD: Of course. I think the performance arts are extremely important in situations like this pandemic. I hope it can contribute to a feeling of belonging and give the audience a sense of togetherness in a time where we are told to keep a distance and isolate. Hopefully, it can decrease that feeling of loneliness I could imagine has grown during Covid-19.

MB: Yes, definitely. I actually think that all artistic studies are worthy. I am a newly educated actor and I want to learn as much as possible and get some experience. Fortunately, I also think that it was an exciting project.


How do you see your future as an actor if the pandemic continues?

LVD: Oh, it’s very difficult to answer that question. I don’t know for how long Covid 19 will last. As so many others, I do not have any knowledge regarding how long Covid-19 will have a serious impact on our lives. I hope for the best and that theater – as well as so many other occupations -will survive the pandemic. Performance arts are extremely important to us. Now, today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

MB: It is difficult to predict. These are strange times, for all people who work in creative professions. Unfortunately, I do not think that we have yet seen the consequences for the theatres and (possibly) production companies yet. They will probably not come until next season or the one after that.

I think you should be happy and lucky if you have something to do in this business in the coming time. But theatre and film do not die as an art form because of this. It is going to survive and hopefully come back strong.


For us, Safe Space from Future V theatre has been an excellent opportunity to see something I never thought I’d see (from a performance art perspective in my own TV) and to open the mind to new ways in which the world needs to adapt and create new ways to entertain and create/maintain jobs.

Safe Space tickets can be bought online and you only need your computer with an internet connection with Zoom installed (App is free to download). And do try it, since it was a good piece to watch and the actors were brilliant!


SAFE SPACE will be available as Danish DigiDrama on Demand at the end of November – for half the price of a live-ticket (2,50 GBP).

The next Danish DigiDrama will be developed in Spring 2021. First, there will be a DigiDrama contest and after selecting a winning show it will be produced and presented at the Danish festival CPH STAGE 27. May – 5. June 2021 – also for international audiences.




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